General Information
1. Registration of Individual Orchid Competition
2. Entries are invited from all interested persons and parties subjected to acceptance by the Show Chairman.

3. Exhibitors may enter exhibits in their name, or under a pseudonym. Joint entries are not allowed

4. Ribbons are awarded for first, second, and third placing within classes.

5. There will be registration of individual plants for judging and these plants will be benched in sections for judging by the stewards.

6. Plants can be registered for judging whether or not the exhibitor has a landscape in the show.

7. Registration of plants is on 21 July 2019 (9.00 am – 3.00 pm) & 22 July 2019 (9.00 am – 12.00 pm) at the show site.

8. Judging will be held on Tuesday 23 July 2019 at 9.00 a.m. on 23 July 2019. During the judging time, all exhibitors and members of the public should leave the show area.

9. Plants in landscapes will not be judged. Landscape exhibitors wishing to have plants judged should register them as in (1) above.

10. Plants will be labelled upon registration, but it is important that exhibitors correctly identify and label their plants before registration to avoid delays.

11. For overseas exhibitors, all orchid plants that are to be brought in for display requires CITES and phytosanitary certificate. Cut orchids / flowers foliage plants requires phytosanitary certificate. Please inform the organizer on the types / genera of orchids / plants going to be brought in so that important permit can be applied in advance and a copy will be send to you for application of CITES and phytosanitary certificate.

12. The show will be officially opened on 24 July 2019 and will remain open to the public until 28 July 2019.

13. Plants may be reclaimed on Monday, 29 July 2019 (8.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m.).

Prizes for the Individual Orchid Competition are as follows :

Ribbons are awarded for Best 1st, 2nd and 3rd In Class

Rules and Regulations

1. A plant may receive more than one award.

2. The judges may in their discretion withhold any award if exhibited plants are considered unworthy.

3. The Chair of Judges has the authority to decide the class of entry of a particular plant.

4. When there are more than one plant in a pot or container or mount, only the best will be judged.

5. Judges will only consider registered and properly identified individual competitive plants.

6. Stakes or wires, must be unobtrusive, must not touch any part of any flower, including the pedicel, and must not extend beyond the first flower on any spray, except in the case of Phalaenopsis and Oncidium Alliance exhibits.

7. Disbudded plants, diseased plants and newly collected jungle plants are not to be exhibited.

8. No exhibit may be removed before the close of the Show without the permission of the Show Chairman.

9. While care will be taken to safeguard the exhibits, exhibits are accepted at the owner‟s risk. The Show Committee will not accept the responsibility for damaged or loss of any exhibit. Round the clock security will be provided.

10. Any infringement of entry regulations and conditions may lead to the disqualification of the exhibit or exhibitor concerned. [Any protest concerning such infringement must be made to the Show Chairman, whose decision shall be final. Any other protest must be made in writing to the Show Chairman, whose decision shall be final in all aspects].

11. All enquiries relating to the show should be addressed to the Show Chairman.

12. The judges decision is final.

B2 Individual Orchid Competition Registration Form